jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017


Inktober is an initiative I discovered last year that consists of drawing a picture using only ink about a concret topic that is given to you. All improvisation, imagination and creativity.
Then, you upload it in social media and put hashtags to share it with the community.

I love this kind of challenges where everybody can share with the rest their own art and creations. You can see another ideas starting from the same topic and with the same materials (or similar).
Furthermore, you can have a feedback or opinions of the viewers. So cool!

This year, I've discovered a new challenge related with the art of writing instead of painting: Plotober.
 (this second, in Spanish). Maybe I combine both, depends of inspiration.

Anyone else is participates?

PD: I eventually do "Scrawlrbox" challenge too, the same about a common topic but everybody using the same materials, which are sendt to you every month.

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