viernes, 10 de noviembre de 2017

(One of multiple) things I do NOT understand

These days, something that I can't understand is happening to me: people is congratulating me because of my loose of weight. 

In June, I was 74kg weight for 167cm height; now, after working out so hard and changing my feeding for healty issues, I'm aroun 62kg weight for the same height. I recognize that it is a considerable change.

But everybody, without asking me how I did it (if with a healthy way or what), is complimenting and praising me for my new appeareance. 

And I can't stop thinking: what happen if somebody with a change like this but with not healthy methods gets the prize of being elogied? Because not everybody knows my process and the reasons. They only applause your new and amazing thinny body.

Why everybody assume that be skinny is something good? What a torture for all of us! I was equally happy being "chubby" (not going to stop to discuss when/what is being chubby and when/what you are not).

I'm happy with my achievements and goals, but they are only with the fact of my thinnes.

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